We at the Drushti Social Foundation strive for the upliftment of the downtrodden, differently abled and socially challenged. Imparting industrial and art oriented training is the primary step for creating a platform in making them self sufficient. This we believe, will empower them to be a social entrepreneur and grant them financial independence. Central to all our activities is the work through arts, entertainment and media platforms. Social organizations, social change agents, trail blazers, entrepreneurs, artists, spokespersons, scientists, environmentalists and all those who are the real social change agents are our ideals. Our mission is to document their journey through audio visual medium. We work in making  documentaries, short films, movies, video interviews, Youtube videos along with Social Media Digital Marketing and Main Stream Media Marketing. Utilizing such work for bringing forth the effforts of various social change agents is our primary goal.
We also organize various Fundraising Cultural Events for orphanages, old age homes, rehabilitation centers, social organizations who work for the betterment of the poor, downtrodden, differently abled etc.

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