An Overview

With our Drushti Social Foundation We have a Creative Professional's. Our Foundation is running with limited local donations resources to take care of a lots of orphans, poor & needy peoples. But, day by day number of children are increasing due to various reasons. We need additional support from the donors due to increasing orphans, poor & needy in our country. This Foundation will have too few Care takers who besides handling day-to-day administration. Few Teachers and trainers teaches to the children for Fine Art, Performing art like Music, Drama, education & Trainings.


The problem of orphans, poor & needy is acute due to urbanization and industrialization. These children are left without care and support. These children are involved in rag picking; pick pocketing & participating in anti social, criminal activities.

How We Work

• Identifying the Parentless, Poor & Needy children through our volunteers.

• Pre-view of the orphan's, poor & needy problems/difficulties. We counsel and arrange for Emotional acceptance of the orphan, poor & needy child..

• To arranged teaching facilities in nearby schools according to their age. We also provide home tuitions, recreation and health care.

• To sustain to mobilize continous donations for good work and service.

• Planning to build permanent home by acquire land from the donors.

• In a Fine art section we are making professional performing art group's by providing professional trainings of Multimedia like Graphic Designing, Music,  Dance, Drama, Photography, Videography, Film Making & Creative Computer education and more.

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